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ICAP Client Error Logs Technical Level
  • Noted in "/var/log/messages" following errors are constantly observed:
    [ERROR]: icap_client_blade_extract_user_from_ida: couldn't get users for src ip XXXX
    [ERROR]: up_manager_cmi_handler_match_cb: up_conn_notify_parser_event failed
    [ERROR]: up_manager_cmi_handler_match_cb: rc FALSE - rejecting conn [XXXX:X -> YYYY:Y, IPP 6]


These errors are possible flow if the IP does not have an identity by identity awareness blade.

In this scenario, ICAP does not add 'x-authenticated-user' to ICAP request.

Therefore, the ICAP client does not add a user header. Then ICAP client sends the file to the ICAP server without this header.

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