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Threat Emulation Appliances: TE2000XN and TE250XN Technical Level

This article describes these Threat Emulation Appliances: TE2000XN-28VM, TE2000XN-56VM, and TE250XN.

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TE2000XN-56VM and TE2000XN-28VM TE250XN


The SandBlast TE2000XN and TE250XN appliances provide zero-day protection preventing infections from undiscovered exploits and advanced targeted attacks. It incorporates Threat Extraction and evasion-resistant malware detection with the Threat Emulation sandbox. The appliance delivers Check Point's industry leading SandBlast service on premise. The SandBlast TE Appliance may be used to provide emulation and extraction services to Check Point NGTX gateways, to SandBlast Agent on endpoints and to any system via the SandBlast API. The product may also be deployed as a standalone solution when covered by an NGTX license.

Product Benefits

  • Prevent new and unknown attacks in documents and executable files
  • Makes it virtually impossible for hackers to evade detection
  • Reduces costs by leveraging existing security infrastructure
  • Maximize protection through unified management, monitoring, and reporting
  • Increase security with automatic sharing of new attack information with ThreatCloud™

Key Features

  • Identify new malware hidden in over 40 files types, including: Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office, Java, Flash, executables, and archives
  • Protect against attacks targeting multiple Windows OS environments
  • The range of available appliances covers any performance need
  • Threat Extraction removes exploitable content to deliver clean files without delay
  • Unique CPU-Level technology catches malware before it has an opportunity to deploy and evade detection


Note: To download this package, you will need to have a Software Subscription or Active Support plan.

Download Package Image Blink
TE2000XN-56VM/28VM - Check Point R81 (ISO) (TGZ)
TE250XN - Check Point R81 (ISO) N / A


  • The R81.10 and R81.20 releases do not support these appliance models.
  • In TE250XN appliances, to connect to the command line interface, you can use a USB Type-C console port.
    To use it, download and install the TE250XN USB Type-C console driver on the console client machine (desktop/laptop).


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