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Location of the cloud service when using Azure Virtual WAN Technical Level
Check Point Harmony Connect provides secure Internet and corporate access for branch offices and remote users.

The cloud web management for Harmony Connect is available at Check Point Infinity Portal -

Administrators can add branch offices manually, using a simplified wizard, or using an automatic consistent sync with Azure Virtual WAN. When integrated with Azure Virtual WAN, Check Point's cloud security services are served at the same regions as the customer's Azure Hubs, providing excellent performance, low latency and no detours on the path from the branch office to the Internet.

Check Point Harmony Connect uses intuitive location names. When using the Azure Virtual WAN integration, these location names might be different than the names of the customer's regions at Azure Portal, for simplicity. 

Examples of such mappings:

Azure Hub Region Name Check Point Friendly Location Name Region where Check Point's Cloud Service is deployed
Central US US: Central Azure Central US
North Central US US: North East Azure North Central US
West Central US US: North West Azure West US 2
West US 2 US: North West Azure West US 2
South Central US US: South Azure South Central US
East US US: South East Azure East US 2
East US 2 US: South East Azure East US 2
West US US: South West Azure West US

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