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CloudGuard Network Metered License Technical Level


Check Point’s CloudGuard Metered License solution provides comprehensive protections for private and public clouds with multi-layered security architecture. The solution protects against even the most sophisticated attacks, to effectively prevent the lateral spread of threats within virtual environments and private cloud data centers.
The Check Point Metered License solution introduces the Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) pricing models that charges for the actual usage.

See the Metered License Admin Guide.


  1. MMLP hotfix
    For R80.20, R80.30 and R80.40, the MMLP Hotfix is necessary to use Metered License. Before you the install the Metered License, install the applicable Hotfix based on your with CPUSE:
    1. Log into the Gaia Web UI on your Management server.
    2. Select Status and Actions.
    3. Click Add Hotfix from Cloud and enter the applicable CPUSE Online Identifier from the table that follows.
    4. Import the bundle and install it.

      Bundle Name CPUSE Online Identifier
      R80.20 MMLP Hotfix Check_Point_R80_20_HF_MMLP_MAIN_Bundle_T10_FULL.tgz
      R80.30 MMLP Hotfix Check_Point_R80_30_HF_MMLP_MAIN_Bundle_T10_FULL.tgz
      R80.40 MMLP Hotfix Check_Point_R80_40_HF_MMLP_MAIN_Bundle_T10_FULL.tgz

      For more information about CPUSE, see sk92449.

  2. Internet connectivity from the Management Server and each Security Gateway is necessary.

  3. TCP port 18208 must be open on the Management Server. For more information about Check Point Software dedicated ports, see sk52421.

  4. Minimal Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator is necessary for R80.20 and R80.30:
    Version Minimal Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator
    R80.20 Take 117
    R80.30 Take 71


To install the Metered License solution, download the script from here and do these steps:
  1. Place the script on your Management Server.
  2. Give the script execute permissions, run: chmod +x
  3. Execute the script, and wait for it to finish installing the Metered License solution.


If prompted by the script, install the required AutoUpdater package, based on the instructions in the AutoUpdater SK.

List of Resolved issues and New features per Update

Date Take # Description
27 February 2022 65
  • Added support for CloudGuard regular and metered licenses in different pools
  • Added code improvements
26 July 2021 55 Added support for new CloudGuard Metered SKUs
20 June 2021 50 First release of this product

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