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"ciu_lic_open_lic_db_file: crc check failed" logs were outputted to fwd.elg during policy installation. Technical Level
  • When IPS is enabled, the "ciu_lic.C" file does not exist, so it is created but without crc.
During policy installation, these logs were outputted tp fwd.elg:

[FWD 6143 3977112480]@StandR803002[25 Jan 18:45:01] ciu_lic_reconf: Trying to schedule a non existant blade: 1 of: Application Control
[FWD 6143 3977112480]@StandR803002[25 Jan 18:45:01] ciu_lic_reconf: blade 0 of: IPS is not using dc mechanism
[FWD 6143 3977112480]@StandR803002[25 Jan 18:45:01] ciu_lic_open_lic_db_file: crc check failed ! crc=4e crc0=0

This problem was fixed. The fix is included in:

If you choose not to upgrade, Check Point can supply a Hotfix. Contact Check Point Support to get a Hotfix for this issue.
A Support Engineer will make sure the Hotfix is compatible with your environment before providing the Hotfix.
For faster resolution and verification, please collect CPinfo files from the Security Management Server and Security Gateways involved in the case.

Hotfix installation instructions:
Refer to sk168597 - How to install a Hotfix.

This solution has been verified for the specific scenario, described by the combination of Product, Version and Symptoms. It may not work in other scenarios.

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