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Security Gateway becomes very unresponsive after some days Technical Level
  • The Security Gateway becomes unresponsive after some days. To regain a stable Security Gateway, it is necessary to reboot the Gateway.

  • /var/log/messages shows:

    • snmpd: queryHWSensorData: Could not retrieve data from the config database
    • kernel: nuvoton GPIO: I/O address 0x002e already in use
    • unable to read from nuvoton_gpio driver module

  • The command ls -l /proc/`pidof confd`/fd results in this output:
    o lr-x------. 1 admin root 64 Mar 24 19:35 537 -> /sys/devices/virtual/misc/gpio-nuvoton/input

Each time there is a call for /sys/devices/virtual/misc/gpio-nuvoton/input, it is not released, and eventually confd reaches the limits of the file descriptor and is blocked from calling a different command.

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