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Check Point Naming Scheme Technical Level

Check Point pillars

Logo Family Logo Text
Quantum Secure the Network
CloudGuard Secure the Cloud
Harmony Secure Users & Access
Horizon Unified Management and Security Operations

Check Point Product names

Product Family Old Name New Name SK/other Reference
Quantum APSolute Vision Quantum APSolute Vision
Branch Office Appliances Quantum Spark Appliances sk168880 - 1600 and 1800 Series Security Gateways
sk157412 - 1500 Series Security Gateways
sk112858 - ATRG: Gaia Embedded Appliances
CloudGuard Edge Quantum Edge sk161272 - CloudGuard Edge
Data Center Security Appliances Quantum Security Gateways sk166572 - Quantum Gateways Solutions
DDoS Protector Quantum DDoS Protector
Enterprise Appliances Quantum Appliances
IoT / ICS Quantum IoT Protect
Maestro Quantum Maestro sk147853 - Maestro Frequently Asked Questions
Open server management Quantum Management Software Hardware Compatibility List
Ruggedized Appliances Quantum Spark Appliances
Scalable Platforms Appliances Quantum Scalable Chassis sk101556 - ATRG: 60000 / 40000 Security System
Quantum Scalable Chassis 64000 Product Page
Quantum Scalable Chassis 44000 Product Page
Security Gateway Quantum Security Gateway
Security Management Quantum Security Management
SMP Quantum Spark Portal
Small and Medium Business Appliances Quantum Spark Appliances
Smart-1 Quantum Smart-1 Quantum Smart-1 Product Page
Smart-1 Cloud Quantum Smart-1 Cloud Quantum Smart-1 Cloud Product Page
SSL Protector Quantum SSL Protector Quantum WebApp Protector and SSL Protector Product Page
WebApp Protector Quantum WebApp Protector
CloudGuard CloudGuard IaaS CloudGuard Network Security
CloudGuard for ACI CloudGuard Network for ACI
CloudGuard for AWS CloudGuard Network for AWS
CloudGuard for Azure CloudGuard Network for Azure
CloudGuard for Google Cloud Platform CloudGuard Network for Google Cloud Platform
CloudGuard for NSX CloudGuard Network for NSX
CloudGuard for NSX-T CloudGuard Network for NSX-T
CloudGuard for OCI CloudGuard Network for OCI
CloudGuard Dome9 CloudGuard Posture Management
CloudGuard Infinity Next Gateway CloudGuard AppSec sk171561 - CloudGuard AppSec Frequently Asked Questions
sk169593 - CloudGuard AppSec Gateway - Application Security And Reverse Proxy capabilities
CloudGuard Gateway CloudGuard Network CloudGuard Network Product Page
CloudGuard Virtual Edition / Security Gateway VE
CloudGuard Connect Harmony Connect Harmony Connect Product Page
CloudGuard SaaS Harmony Email & Collaboration Harmony Email and Collaboration Product Page
- CloudGuard Analytics
- CloudGuard ShiftLeft
- CloudGuard Workload
Harmony Endpoint Security webRH Harmony Disk and Media Encryption
FDE / Pointsec PC
Media Encryption
Mail Transfer Agent / Harmony Email and Office Harmony Email & Collaboration Harmony Email and Collaboration Product Page
SandBlast Cloud
SandBlast Agent Harmony Endpoint Harmony Endpoint Product Page
SandBlast Mobile / Mobile Threat Prevention Harmony Mobile Harmony Mobile Product Page
SandBlast Web Harmony Browse sk108695 - Harmony Browse (SandBlast Agent for Browsers)

CloudGuard Infinity Next / Infinity Policy / InfinityNext Horizon Policy
InfinitySOC Horizon SOC sk164332 - Horizon SOC - Achieving SOC Certainty
- Horizon MDR/MPR
- Horizon XDR/XPR
- Horizon Events
Infinity Threat Prevention  Autonomous Threat Prevention sk163593 - Autonomous Threat Prevention Management
sk169952 - ATRG: Autonomous Threat Prevention
LTE / Firewall-1 GX Carrier Security

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