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Advanced Migration fails with "Scheme adjustment had failed" error Technical Level
  • Advanced Migration fails with "Scheme adjustment had failed" error.
  • migrate-YYYY.MM.DD_HH.MM.SS.log shows:
    [1 Feb 13:33:17] [CommandRunner::exec] ERR: Command execution had failed
    [1 Feb 13:33:17] ..<-- CommandRunner::exec
    [1 Feb 13:33:17] [SchemaChangesRunner::exec] ERR: Scheme adjustment had failed
  • cpm_for_cpdb-DMMMYYYY-HHMMSS.elg shows:
    01/02/21 13:31:13,621 INFO coresvc.internal.ValidationsSvcImpl [main]: Added 17 Links: (took 206 millis)
    01/02/21 13:31:13,622 INFO coresvc.internal.PermissionManagerSvcImpl [main]: finding osRole without threat_all_layers primitive
    01/02/21 13:31:13,652 INFO coresvc.internal.PermissionManagerSvcImpl [main]: didn't find os role without threat_all_layers for osRole 79f5386d-c18a-4aa3-bd2e-6c56779650f7
    01/02/21 13:31:13,652 INFO coresvc.internal.PermissionManagerSvcImpl [main]: updating folder accesses that links to osRoleGroup null to link osRoleGroup OsRoleGroup{objId=812c8da6-26ea -48d1-b0e1-86bd159faddf, name='Auto role - domain system role - 65d3179b-5663-42ab-9737-a100f121c19b', roles=[OsRole{name='Auto role - domain system role - 65d3179b-5663-42ab-9737-a100f 121c19b', description='null', permissionPrimitives count=24, primitivesHashCode=478409560, permissionRoleId=65d3179b-5663-42ab-9737-a100f121c19b}]}
    01/02/21 13:31:13,652 ERROR internal.operation.OperationSvcImpl [main]: caught exception "null" from class java.lang.NullPointerException ...
    01/02/21 13:31:13,660 ERROR management.default_database.FixGlobalVpnMgmtPermissionRolesForRWCustomSchemaChanges [main]: error occurred while trying to update permission roles. java.lang.NullPointerException at at$ ...
    01/02/21 13:31:13,664 ERROR cpm.commands.SchemaChangesCommand [main]: Install of schema change failed.

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