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Harmony Connect Agent for Windows and Mac - Automatic Update Policy Technical Level
Check Point Harmony Connect Agent secures users Internet access. 

There are two types of updates: 
  • application updates
  • content updates

Application Updates

Check Point continuously applies backend improvements to the app and its interaction with Check Point cloud security service.
Check Point  gradually introduces application updates to all customers. There is no need for an administrator or for an end user to deploy the application update. 

Automatic Update Process

  1. Every 30 seconds, Harmony Connect Agent automatically checks for updates. If a new version is available, the app automatically downloads the latest update and stores at in a temporary location.
  2. Harmony Connect Agent runs the downloaded update, if one of the events below happens:
    1. The endpoints operating system was locked and then unlocked
    2. The endpoint restarts
    3. The end user applies the update manually
  3. When the update is downloaded to a temporary location but not yet run, the App does not download newer updates.

Manual Update Process

You can manually update your app.
  1. Click the App tray icon

  2. Click Support   

  3. In the App Version, click Apply updates now, if the update is available. 

    Update application usually takes less than a minute. During this time, the App restarts, and you cannot open it from the Windows Start menu or from the Mac launcher.

Content updates

Content updates are updates that the administrator executes by means of Infinity Portal, such as:
  • Exclusion of specific domains and IP addresses from tunneling
  • Administration of users ability to activate or deactivate the security
All content updates are available in the Infinity Portal, Harmony Connect, when you navigate to Settings > Harmony Connect Agent. The changes are applied automatically.

Harmony Connect Agent automatically fetches the latest content update every 30 seconds.
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