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PPPOE interface cannot re-connect automatically on a 3000 appliance Technical Level
  • PPPOE interface cannot re-connect until the user reboots the 3000 appliance or disables/enables the interface.

  • /var/log/messages show:
    xxxx pppd[7793]: LCP terminated by peer
    xxxx pppd[7793]: Connect time 4442.5 minutes.
    xxxx pppd[7793]: Sent 226518162 bytes, received 2335159928 bytes.
    xxxx pppd[7793]: Modem hangup
    xxxx pppd[7793]: Connection terminated.
    xxxx pppd[7793]: Failed to disconnect PPPoE socket: 114 Operation already in progress
    xxxx pppd[7793]: Exit.
The peer sent PPPoE Active Discovery Termination (PADT) to the Security Gateway.

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