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Signed PDF file is not cleaned Technical Level
  • When signed pdf files are analyzed they are not recognized and are converted to normal pdf.

  • Under the log activity it is seen: "File couldn`t be cleaned. File was converted to PDF instead."

  • Running scrub debug (according to sk114807), similar logs are seen:
    [SCRUB (TD::All)] scrubd_handle_file_scrub_response_cb: scrub_result: Failed (1)
    [SCRUB (TD::All)] scrub_events_log_no_session_v: Called
    [SCRUB (TD::All)] scrubd_handle_file_scrub_response_cb: scrubbed_disk_file: (/tmp/scrub/{08DD881F-D18D-3147-88F9-FE7C603DA830}/ALLA_KRYLOVA.pdf)
    [SCRUB (TD::All)] scrubd_handle_file_scrub_response_cb: input real extension: (pdf)
    [SCRUB (TD::All)] scrubd_handle_file_scrub_response_cb: output file real extension: (pdf)
    [SCRUB (TD::All)] scrub_ftype_is_type_enabled: file_type is pdf
    [SCRUB (TD::All)] scrub_ftype_is_type_enabled: file_type is pdf
    [SCRUB (TD::All)] scrubd_should_send_file_for_scrubbing_again: No retry is needed with scrub_result (1)
    [SCRUB (TD::All)] scrubd_handle_file_scrub_response_cb: first scrub method: 1, second scrub method: 1
    [SCRUB (TD::All)] scrubd_handle_backup_file: called
    [SCRUB (TD::All)] scrub_profiles_get_method_to_use: no override for file type 'pdf' - using profile method
    [SCRUB (TD::All)] scrubd_resend_file_for_scrubbing_if_needed: scrub method used (1) is correct, no need to scrub again
    [SCRUB (TD::All)] scrubd_handle_file_scrub_response_cb: trying to scrub again with different method
    [SCRUB (TD::All)] scrubd_resend_file_for_scrubbing_in_case_of_method_failure: called
    [SCRUB (TD::All)] scrubd_res


Signed PDF files are not supported and it is not possible to clean them.

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