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License page information in SMB appliance WebUI does not match license information in the User Center Technical Level
  • The IPS Software Blade license and contract information in SMB WebUI > Home > License page does not match the information that appears in the Check Point User Center.

    Although the license was renewed in the User Center, the WebUI still showed it as "Expired."

  • The Software Blades supported by the license and contract file in the User Center Account do not appear as enabled on the SMB WebUI > Home > License page:

    • Anti-Bot
    • Anti-Virus
    • Application Control
    • URL Filtering
The mechanism that allows SMB Security Gateways to notice and fetch licenses automatically is only triggered when you open the License page in the WebUI and is only relevant if one of the contract-based Software Blades is enabled and fetches signature updates.

The contract-based Software Blades periodically query the User Center for blade entitlement to decide whether or not to apply signature updates so they are aware of the contract renewal in the User Center.

In a centrally managed SMB appliance, the IPS signature updates are done by the Management Server so the Security Gateway does not need to periodically query the User Center about IPS entitlement. Therefore, if only the IPS blade is enabled, the mechanism is not triggered.

Fetch the license on the SMB appliance.

To fetch the license in the WebUI:

  1. With a web browser, connect to the WebUI.
  2. Log in.
  3. Go to Home > License.
  4. Click Activate License.
    For more information, click the (?) Help link in the top right corner.

To fetch the license on the CLI:

  1. Connect to the Command Line Interface on the SMB appliance.
  2. Log in to Gaia Clish.
  3. Run:
    fetch license usercenter
This solution has been verified for the specific scenario, described by the combination of Product, Version and Symptoms. It may not work in other scenarios.

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