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How to find out the standalone VPN client version and mode Technical Level
Remote Access VPN Clients, that are not part of the full Endpoint Security client suite, have an option to run with or without a Firewall control.

To identify the mode in which VPN clients are operating, check the Mobile Access blades logs that appear as part of the SmartLog (inside SmartConsole).
  • VPN clients without Firewall control appear as client name: Check Point Mobile

  • VPN clients with Firewall control appear as client name: Endpoint Security VPN

Note: The client version appears in the same log under the Version field.

To get the list of users that are affected, you can also run a query through SmartLog or SmartView.

action:"Log In" AND "Endpoint Security" AND (E80.81 or E80.82 or E80.83 or E80.84 or E80.85 or E80.86 or E80.87 or E80.88 or E80.89 or E80.90 or E80.92 or E80.94 or E80.95 or E80.96 or E80.97 or E81.00 or E81.10)



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