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Revert snapshot to rollback previous version fails Technical Level
  • Reverting snapshot from 3.10 Kernel to 2.6.18 kernel fails with "/bin/sh: ro: No Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init".
  • Machine reboots.
Different Filesystem - R80.10 and lower versions uses ext-3 file system, and starting from R80.20, Gaia OS fresh installation has a default XFS filesystem.
It is not supported to downgrade with CPUSE from R80.40 with kernel 3.10 to R80.30 with kernel 2.6, R80.20, R80.10, or lower versions.

  1. Perform a fresh installation of the previous version with 2.6.18 kernel
  2. Import a database with 3.10 kernel
  3. Make a snapshot
  4. Revert from the snapshot again. 

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