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AES-NI commands no longer work in R80.40 and R81 Technical Level
  • The command "dmesg | grep AES-NI" returns no output in R80.40 and R81.

  • When running the command "sim -i 0 enable_aesni" you get the output:
    sim_aesni_enable: Failed to enable AES-NI. RC=-1


In R80.40, if AES-NI (Intel Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions) is supported and enabled and configured automatically, there is no longer any user configuration for AES-NI to enable or disable it.

Starting from R80.40, AES-NI related debug messages are no longer sent to dmesg, and consequently cannot be found with dmesg | grep 'AES-NI'

For R80.30 and below, use this command on the Security gateway: # dmesg | grep 'AES-NI'

The expected output which indicates that AES-NI is enabled should be as follows:
[fw4_0];VPN-1: AES-NI is allowed on this machine. Testing hardware support
[fw4_0];VPN-1: AES-NI is supported on this hardware

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