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Check Point R81 Blink and Upgrade packages update FAQ Technical Level

The Life Cycle management for every software release per appliance model clearly defines that the appliance model(s) receives new software releases until the End-of-Engineering-Support date.

R81 software was released in October 2020. The 2012 appliances series End-of-Engineering-Support date was in June 2020 and the and Smart-1 205/210 - in September 2020. Therefore, the last supported software release for these appliances is R80.40 and they are not supported under R81.

Effective December 27th 2020, Check Point has updated its R81 Blink and CPUSE upgrade packages to adjust to the End-of-Engineering-Support date. Customers cannot install updated packages on 2012 appliances series and Smart-1 205/210.  

The R81 clean Install (ISO) image was not changed.  

New R81 Blink and CPUSE upgrade packages are relevant for:

  • New customers.
  • Customers that want to install the new R81 version (Security Gateway or Management server).
  • Customers that want to upgrade their setups to R81.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • R81 GA is already installed on my server. Do I need to upgrade to the new Blink and CPUSE upgrade packages?

    No, customers who installed the previously released R81 Blink or upgrade packages are not required to install the updated packages. 
    Note: Check Point recommends that you install the latest General Availability Jumbo Hotfix.

  • What changes were done by Check Point in the updated Blink and CPUSE upgrade packages?

    Check Point added compatibility validations to Blink and CPUSE upgrade packages to prevent installation issues with incompatible devices.

  • What Jumbo Hotfix Take is included in these new upgrade packages?

    The updated Blink and CPUSE upgrade packages match the R81 GA image. Therefore, the updated packages do not include any R81 Jumbo Hotfix. 
    Note: Blink packages are also released with each Jumbo Hotfix GA release. 

  • What are the relevant 2012 and Smart-1 models?

    These 2012 appliances models are only supported through R80.40:
    • 2200
    • 4200, 4400, 4600, 4800
    • 12200, 12400, 12600
    • 13500, 13800
    • 21400, 21600, 21700, 21800

    These Smart-1 appliances models are only supported through R80.40:
    • Smart-1 205
    • Smart-1 210

  • Can Management High Availability work on servers with different R81 Blink or CPUSE upgrade packages installed?

    Yes. Firewall build numbers are the same in both updated and previous Blink and upgrade packages.

  • Can different R81 upgrade packages be used on different cluster members?

    Yes, it can be safely used. Note that it is recommended that you to align all cluster members to use with the same version.

  • Where to download the original R81 Blink or CPUSE upgrade packages from?

    All the original R81 images are available below:

    File name / CPUSE Identifier Take Download
    Check_Point_R81_T392_Fresh_Install_and_Upgrade.tgz 392 (ISO)
    blink_image_1.1_Check_Point_R81_T392_SecurityManagement.tgz 392 (ISO)
    blink_image_1.1_Check_Point_R81_T392_SecurityGateway.tgz 392 (TGZ)

    The latest installation packages can be downloaded from the R81 Home page article.

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