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Capsule Connect iOS MDM CE in Intune Technical Level
First you need to enable and configure the MDM CE support on the security gateway.
Follow sk98201 - MDM Cooperative Enforcement for Mobile clients and configure the integration with your MDM vendor.

In order to configure the client for its role in the MDM CE feature, you need to add an app configuration policy for our Capsule Connect app with the special DeviceId key that will be used when the device authenticates against our Security Gateway. (The Security Gateway will then use this device id to query its compliance against the MDM).

Before you begin this article, follow the instructions in sk170298 - Capsule Connect - MDM configuration, including Per-App VPN and Zero-touch configuration on how to set up the MDM configuration for Capsule Connect in Intune.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Enter Apps:

  2. Enter App Configuration Policies:

  3. Add a new App Configuration Policy:

  4. Setup config for Capsule Connect:

  5. Select the app from the iOS store app:

  6. Add the configuration key DeviceId with value {{deviceid}} as shown below (notice both key and value are case-sensitive):

  7. Review and create:

  8. Set the compliance policy for these devices (Devices->Compliance Policy):

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