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Web SmartConsole Technical Level


SmartConsole is Check Point best-in-class GUI client for unified security policy management, device management and logs and events management.

Starting from Take 10 of R81 Jumbo Hotfix, Web SmartConsole provides you the SmartConsole functionality from any web browser.

Web SmartConsole functionality is released gradually, with new functionality in every R81 Jumbo Hotfix and is updated automatically.

Web SmartConsole and Windows SmartConsole can run in parallel, and any published update done on one of the applications will be reflected in the other application.

How to log in to Web SmartConsole

Web SmartConsole can be accessed by typing the Management Server IP address, followed by /smartconsole
Download and install the latest R81 Jumbo HotFix on the Security Management Server.
Open the web browser and navigate to https://<Management Server IP>/smartconsole

Resolved Issues and New Features per Version Update

Feature/Product Description
Version 1.2 - R81 JHF Take 42
Task Manager  Details of in-progress or recent tasks
Policy Installation
  • Installation targets multi selection
  • Global Toolbar Install Policy button
Version 1.1 (Read/Write) -  R81.10 GA and R81 JHF Take 42
Gateways and Servers  Cluster Members Grouping
Security Policies
  • VPN Communities view
  • Persist tabs for next session on the same browser
  • Summary pane: support write functionality
  • Enriching the rulebase with more information (negate, captive portal, expiration time, user check) - Expiration time for the summary pane only
  • Rule creation and editing
Session Management  Publish/Discard changes functionality
Multi-Domain Management 
  • Login to Multi-Domain Management, Display Domains
  • Login to a Domain
Version 1.0 (Read Only) - R81 JHF Take 10
Gateways and Servers View list of all gateways and servers, including the summary bottom pane
Free text search 
Security Policies
  • View of Access Policy, NAT Policy, Threat Prevention Policy including exceptions, HTTPs policies
  • Access Tools - View VPN Communities
Logs and Monitoring
  • Audit logs & logs viewer
  • SmartEvent views and reports
  • View list of all objects in the object bar
  • Login and authentication methods
  • Username and Password
  • Login: Read-only


Known Limitations

Supports only port 443 for secure connection.
Infinity Threat Prevention Policy is not supported.
Some objects are missing the icons.
Threat Prevention Policy view is incomplete - No Global Exception view within a rule.
Permissions to view a policy package, an administrator must have permissions to: Access Control, HTTPs inspection and NAT Policies. If one of these 3 permissions is missing, the policy package will not open.
VSX Cluster members are not displayed.



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