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Web SmartConsole Technical Level


SmartConsole is the Check Point best-in-class GUI client for unified security policy management, device management and logs and events management.

Starting from Take 10 of Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator for R81, Web SmartConsole provides you SmartConsole functionality from any web browser.

Web SmartConsole functionality is released gradually, with new functionality and it is updated automatically. Web SmartConsole and Windows SmartConsole can run in parallel, and any published update done on one of the applications will be reflected in the other application.

To use Web SmartConsole:
navigate in a web browser to https://<Management Server IP>/smartconsole


Web SmartConsole Take Release Date Download package
Take 73 13 Nov 2022 (TAR)

Manual installation (Offline)

Show / Hide Manual installation (Offline)

 For users who do not allow automatic Jumbo updates, Web SmartConsole can be installed as described below:

    • The latest Take of AutoUpdater.
    • Supported management versions:
Release Version Requirement
R81.10 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator for R81.10 Take 38 and higher
R81 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator for R81 Take 60 and higher

  1. Copy the offline package to a specific directory on your Management Server.
  2. Log in to the Management Server in Expert mode.
  3. Run the installation command:
    autoupdatercli install /<Full Path>/<Name of Package>
    [Expert@Host]# autoupdatercli install /home/admin/Check_Point_WEBCONSOLE_AUTOUPDATE_Bundle_T59_AutoUpdate.tar
  4. Verify the Installation finished successfully.
  5. Examine this log file to make sure the installation was successful: /opt/CPInstLog/AutoUpdateLogs/web_console.
  6. Look for this text: “Installation succeeded for component web_console
  7. Make sure that the correct Web SmartConsole Package is installed.
    Run: cpinfo –y all.
    You should see this bundle: "BUNDLE_WEBCONSOLE_AUTOUPDATE Take: <the installed take number>

Resolved Issues and New Features per Version Update

Feature/Product Description
Take 73 (13 November 2022)
User Interface  General UI improvements.
Single Sign-On  Fixed a redirection issue.
Sessions Since R81.20, added:
  • Ability to change the first-time password.
  • Ability to enforce a single R/W session for Web and Desktop applications.
MDS  Since R81.20, login selector will only show domains to which the user has permission.
Take 72 (21 September 2022)
User Interface General UI improvements.
Infinity Services Updated links and texts.
Take 67 (7 August 2022)
User Interface 
  • General UI improvements 
  • Fixed a wrong object name after the clone operation
Single Sign-On  Since R81.20, added support to log in with SSO.
Sessions Added:
  • Ability to enforce a single WSC R/W session.
  • Ability to take over another session.
  • Additional improvements.
Performance Reduced loading time for UI components.
Web SmartConsole Alias on the Management Server Added “wsc” alias to $MDS_FWDIR/webconsole/ on the Management Server.
Access Rule Base Added “Copy Rule UID” to context menu.
Take 59 (26 April 2022)
User Interface  General UI improvements.
Infinity services Since R81.20, added support for Infinity Services Page.
Submit Workflow Button Since R81.20, in the Submit workflow added "allow submit request".
Editors Added Multicast Address Range Editor. The feature is supported since:
  • R81 Jumbo Take 68
  • R81.10 Jumbo Take 61
  • R81.20 
Access Rule Base Added:
  • User checks support in Action Column
  • Rule markers such as Expired rule, none info etc.
  • Editable Comment in Access Rule Summary pane
Fixed an issue with Implicit cleanup rule in Domain placeholder.
Network Feed Since R81.20, added a fix for the field which is still marked as required even after it is filled.
Editors Added a fix for some fields that may not be saved when submitting from a different page.
Logo Added the new Check Point logo.
Take 55
User Interface  Added Editors Drag & Drop functionality and general UI improvements
Access Rule Base Added Context menu support for:
  • Negate rule
  • Disable Rule
  • Section Operations
  • Clear and switch to Any/None (Supported from R81.10)
  • Shared inline layers
Editors Added Address Range Editor.
Trusted Clients Added ability to allow only trusted clients on Multi-Domain Management Server. Supported since:
  • R81 Jumbo Take 60 
  • R81.10 Jumbo Take 38
Domain object Added a fix for FQDN misconfiguration.
Network Feed Since R81.20, added Network Feed Editor.
Indicators Feed (currently not displayed in Web SmartConsole) Since R81.20, added Indicators Feed editor.
Web SmartConsole Port Added support for ports other than 443 with secured access.
Network Editors Since R81.20, in Network, Host, and Address Range Editors added support for the Groups page.
Task Manager
  • It is now possible to clear tasks.
  • Task manager displays only suppressed tasks
Since R81.20, improved performance and added:
  • initiator filter 
  • task initiator in task description
Threat Prevention Custom Policy Since R81.20, added Zero Phishing Software Blade to the "Action" column.
Take 48
Task Manager Added Details of tasks in-progress or recent tasks.
Policy Installation Added:
  • Multiple targets installation 
  • Install Policy button in the Global Toolbar
Take 44
Web SmartConsole Port  Port 3100 is only opened for IP
Take 43 (Read/Write)
Gateways and Servers Added option for Cluster Members Grouping.
Security Policies Added:
  • VPN Communities view
  • Persistent tabs for the next session on the same browser
  • Summary pane: added support for write functionality
  • Enriching Rule Base with more information (negate, captive portal, expiration time, user check).  Note: Expiration time for the summary pane only
  • Rule creation and editing
    Session Management  Added ability to Publish/Discard changes.
    Multi-Domain Management  Since R81 Jumbo Take 42, added support for:
    • Login to Multi-Domain Management
    • Login to a Domain 
    Take 24 (Read Only)
    Gateways and Servers It is now possible to:
    • View list of all Security Gateways and Servers, including the summary bottom pane
    • Search with free text
      Security Policies Added:
      • View: Access Policy, NAT Policy, Custom Threat Prevention and Autonomous Threat Prevention policies including exceptions, HTTPs policies
      • Access Tools - View VPN Communities
      Logs and Monitoring Added:
      • Audit logs and Logs viewer
      • SmartEvent views and reports
      Other Added:
      • View list of all objects in the object bar
      • Login and authentication methods
      • Username and password
      • Login: Read-only


      Known Limitations

      Some objects appear without icons.
      Web SmartConsole does not have feature parity with Windows SmartConsole.


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