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"Internal system error in HTTPS Inspection (Error Code: 1)" on Centerally Managed 1500 appliance Technical Level
  • Logs for all HTTPS traffic: "Internal system error in HTTPS Inspection (Error Code: 1)". These logs might also appear for non-HTTPS traffic (e.g: DNS, SMTP, etc.).

  • In kernel debug ("WS + ssl_insp") the following logs can be found:
    [ERROR]: nrb_column_filter_get_matched_rulenum_list: invalid ktable id (-1);
    [ERROR]: nrb_column_service_match: nrb_column_filter_get_matched_rulenum_list failed;
    [ERROR]: nrb_rulebase_default_match: virtual match_func failed for column 'Service' (3);
    [ERROR]: nrb_rb_https_inspection_match: virtual rb_match_func failed;


HTTPS Inspection policy is pushed incorrectly to 1500 appliance, causing an error to match traffic to the HTTPS Inspection policy.

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