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Contract and License Management - Security Gateways and Security Management Servers Technical Level
Licenses and Contracts for Check Point products are activated and entitled automatically in most common scenarios.
Starting in R81, an administrator can view, add, and delete licenses directly from the SmartConsole application. 

Read further to understand the lifecycle of a license and how it can be managed in various scenarios.

Contract and License First Time Activation

Check Point Appliances
Contracts and Licenses are activated automatically for Security Management Server or Security Gateway installed on Check Point appliance. (Requires connectivity to Check Point UserCenter)*

Check Point products installed on open server or virtual machine

Activate the license during the Gaia First Time Configuration Wizard, or later in Gaia Portal, SmartConsole, or by using cplic utility.

Subsequent Contract License Installation and Service Blades Renewal

New licenses are installed and updated automatically when the Security Management Server or Security Gateway are able to connect to Check Point User Center*.

*A Security Gateway that has no internet connectivity, will access Check Point User Center through a connected Security Management Server (do not turn off Automatic Downloads)

Offline Deployments

If a Security Management Server or managed Security Gateways are not able to connect to Check Point User Center:
·         To manage licenses, use SmartConsole or cplic utility
·         To manage contracts, use the cplic utility or legacy license management (SmartUpdate)

Managing Licenses in SmartConsole

1.       From the left navigation panel, click the Gateways and Servers view
2.       In the top pane, select the applicable Management Server or Security Gateway object
3.       In the bottom pane, click the Licenses tab
4.       View, add, or delete a license

CloudGuard IaaS Security Gateways 

For distributing licenses to CloudGuard IaaS Security Gateways, use CloudGuard Central License Management Utility.
This solution has been verified for the specific scenario, described by the combination of Product, Version and Symptoms. It may not work in other scenarios.

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