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CloudGuard AppSec Gateway - Application Security And Reverse Proxy capabilities Technical Level


CloudGuard Infinity Next Gateways delivers access control and advanced threat prevention including web and api protection for mission-critical assets.
Check Point CloudGuard Infinity Next delivers advanced, multi-layered threat prevention to protect customer assets in Azure, AWS or VMware from web attacks and sophisticated threats. 


  • Web Application Protection
  • Web API Protection
  • Access Control Firewall (EA)
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Provides consistent security policy management, enforcement, and reporting with a single pane of glass, using Check Point Infinity Next Security Management 

How to

  • Open a Check Point Infinity Next account  -
  • Issue an Agent Token (under Enforcement -> Profiles)
  • Deploy an Infinity Next Gateway in your Azure, AWS or VMware account
Reverse Proxy configurations available in three platforms:
  • AWS - AWS Marketplace 
  • Azure - Azure Marketplace 
  • VMware - For the most updated deployment instructions and links, go to Cloud > Profiles, click on your AppSec Gateway Profile and follow the Download & Deployment instructions and links.

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