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  • The "$MDS_FWDIR/scripts/ -k [Policy_name]" script fails with error "Script stopped running due to severe error!" if there are SMB appliances defined in the policy.

  • The show_package-xxxx-xx-xx_xx-xx-xx.elg file show error
    [DATE TIME com.checkpoint.mgmt_api.examples.MyLogger.debug()DEBUG]: Command [show-access-rulebase] uid limit 10 offset 0 FAILED.

  • The $MDS_TEMPLATE/log/cpm.elg shows:
    ERROR [qtp323436897-30] -java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException" caused by: java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: com/checkpoint/infrastructure/utils/EmptyCollectionUtils.EMPTY_SET

    WARN [qtp1799980982-33] - GatewayNonSupportedException was caught for object: [ 482340ff-93dd-4fe3-9fa5-6ee9b5ba4aa6]"


API command does not support SMB gateways.

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