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Reason "Failure-reject" in Anti-Virus log, traffic fails Technical Level
  • Anti-Virus log shows: reason "Failure-reject".
    sk139292 does not resolve the issue.
  • The Anti-Virus blade's engine mode is set to "Fail-Close"; changing it to "Fail-Open" resolves the issue.
  • When the user tries to access some site resources, a blank page or a UserCheck Block Page appears.
  • Kernel debug (fw ctl debug -m CI + all) shows the following errors:
    ci_filter_av_ft_classify_by_magic: [ERROR]: sft_mgr_classify() failed;
    ci_avsi_inspect: [ERROR]: ci_av_mgr_inspect() failed;

    Kernel debug (fw ctl debug -m SFT + all) shows the following errors:
    {SFT_MGR} sft_db_classify: [SFT_ERROR] kiss_vbuf_add_buffer() failed;

There are Anti-Virus failures in the MD5 flow.

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