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"cannot download Python Package. Failed running download process" error in Threat Emulation update Technical Level
  • Device status displays the following: "Error: Threat Emulation update failed, cannot download Python Package. Failed running download process."

  • The output of "tecli show downloads python" shows the following: "UID: A00E6A3D-9EE2-4ADB-8022-DDB302981D54 Revision: 2 Status: Waiting for download"

  • Following sk83520 to check connectivity to Check Point servers, the connectivity is ok.

  • $FWDIR/log/te_file_downloader_elg has the following logs:
    [TE (TD::Important)] main_te_fileDownloader: all arguments are valid: file type: te_python, version: gulliver, UID: A00E6A3D-9EE2-4ADB-8022-DDB302981D54, revision: 2, hash: 196453900, maxDownloadSpeedInBytes: 0, destination directory: /var/log/files_repository/Python/A00E6A3D-9EE2-4ADB-8022-DDB302981D54/2, proxy address: , porxy port: 0
    [TE (TD::Important)] get_file: iterating over files...
    [TE (TD::Important)] get_file: File hash (969d95b3fde33d352e95e306d7af6d6a72e356cf), does not match required file's hash (N/A), skipping...
    [NOTICE] http_client_create: curl init finished successfully [ERROR] FDT_create: Failed to get tderror log file handler (NULL)
    [NOTICE] FDTparser_create: FDTParser created succesfully.
    [TE (TD::Important)] get_file: No file to download
    [NOTICE] http_client_destroy: Free HttpClient memory - Done
    [TE (TD::Critical)] main_te_fileDownloader: failed getting file

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