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Management server does not show logs from new Log server Technical Level
  • Management server (Security Management / Multi-Domain Management) does not show logs from new Log server
  • DBsync on the log server fails with the "Failed to connect to all machines" error.
  • Traffic capture from the log server on port 19009 is empty.
  • The Management IP does not exit in logServerConfig.xml file on the Log server
  • The interface that is used in the Management server and in the log server is not on the same network, However, both machines have an additional interface that is on the same network.
A collision between the Management object's IP address and the routing.
Both Management and Log server communicate over the X.X.X.X network even though the SIC  with the Management's IP uses the Y.Y.Y.Y network.
DBsync first communicates with the IP that is declared in ICAIP since this is the IP that the sic established with. (Y.Y.Y.Y).  
Since both servers communicate over the other IP (  X.X.X.X ) - the DBsync  between the servers fails.

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