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Quantum Spark Appliances 1600 and 1800 Series Technical Level

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To see the latest firmware release, refer to sk165734.


Check Point's QUANTUM SPARK security appliances are high performance, integrated devices offering firewall, VPN, antivirus, application visibility and control, URL filtering, email security and SandBlast Zero-Day Protection, all in a 1U form factor that is simple to configure and manage.

QUANTUM SPARK 1600 and 1800 were designed for medium size business supporting up to 500 employees, and as such, they offer strong performance, high port capacity, 10 GbE network interface, and 2.5GbE LAN, all of which make these appliances ideal for larger branch and SMBs.


QUANTUM SPARK 1600 and 1800

Quantum SPARK 1600 and 1800 security appliances deliver enterprise-grade security in simple, affordable, all-in-one security solutions in a 1U Rack Unit (RU) form factor to protect small to mid-size business employees. 

The 1600 has 1GbE copper or fiber options for the WAN and DMZ, and sixteen 1GbE copper ports on the LAN. The 1800 has 2 x 1GbE copper or fiber options for the WAN and WAN-B, and an additional DMZ - 10GbE Fiber or 5GbE copper; on the LAN side, the 1800 also has sixteen 1GbE copper LAN ports and an additional two 2.5GbE copper LAN ports.

Both the 1600 and the 1800 support Flexi-Port (Each LAN port can be used as a WAN port).

What's New

  • 1600 - Network Interfaces 
    • LAN: 16x1GbE
    • WAN: 1x1GbE / SFP port
    • DMZ:  1x1GbE / SFP port
  • 1800 Network Interfaces
    • LAN: 16x1GbE
    • LAN: 2x2.5GbE
    • WAN: 1x1GbE / SFP port
    • WAN-B:  1x1GbE / SFP port (future support)
    • DMZ: 1x10GbE / SFP port
    • Management Port 1GbE  (future support)
  • Console Ports
    • USB Type-C console
    • RJ45
  • Dual USB 3.0 Ports
  • SD Card Slot
  • SSD Storage – on the 1800 model
  • Power Redundancy – on the1800 model
  • Fan Cooled
  • Operating Temperature – 0-40 degree Celsius


The 1600 and 1800 run GAIA EMBEDDED code, which is R80 aligned. As such, they are fast and easy to install. You can set them up in minutes using pre-defined security policies and a step-by-step configuration wizard, or by using Zero-touch Deployment, which enables managed service providers to provision security efficiently for small and medium-size businesses. 

Comprehensive Protection 

  • Next Generation Firewall
  • Site-to-Site VPN
  • Remote Access VPN
  • Application Control and Web Filtering
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Bot
  • Anti-Spam
  • SandBlast Threat Emulation (sandboxing)
  • Device Recognition
  • Remote access Two factors authentication 
  • Email Inspection
  • Updatable objects


1600 and 1800 Security Gateways are conveniently managed locally via a Web interface (offering simple and intuitive management and configuration), and centrally by Cloud-hosted SMP (Security Management Portal) which can scale to manage over 10,000 Check Point SMB Appliances. The Gateways can also be managed centrally by Check Point's central management solutions: SmartConsole, MDM, and LSM.

You can manage 1600 / 1800 Quantum Spark Appliances with these on-premises Management Servers:

  • R81 and higher versions
  • R80.40 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator Take 91 and higher
  • R80.30 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator Take 227 and higher


Performance (Mbps) 1600 1800
Threat Prevention  1,500 2,000
Next Generation Firewall  3,200 5,000
IPS Throughput  3,500 5,500
Firewall Throughput 4,800 7,500
Connections per Second 55,000 66,000
Concurrent Connections 2,400,000 2,400,000

Software Enhancements

The 1600 and 1800 Appliances are R80 code aligned, increasing performance and bringing cutting edge enterprise grade security to your small and medium size business.

Here are some of the latest features, which were introduced for the 1500/1600/1800 QUANTUM SPARK Family. 

Locally Managed Enhancements

  • New Threat Prevention blade control: Unified Threat Prevention policy, easy and intuitive to set and control
  • New SSL inspection enforcement: Simultaneously support light SSL and Full SSL inspection
  • Improved High Availability mechanism
  • VPN Two-Factor Authentication
  • Geo Protection via updatable objects
  • TLS Inspection and categorization (SNI support)
  • SMP Cluster Management
  • Security checkups
  • WatchTower application enhanced features

Centrally Managed Enhancements

  • Policy layers and sub-policy support for centrally managed mode   
  • Unified access policy support for centrally managed mode (Firewall, Application Control, and URL Filtering) 
  • Unified Threat Prevention policy (IPS, Anti-Virus, Anti-Bot, and Threat Emulation Software Blade policies)
  • Acceleration of Domain Objects, Dynamic Objects, and Time Objects for centrally managed mode
  • Wildcard network object in Access Control that represents a series of IP addresses that are not sequential
  • Automatic SIC renewal

Centrally and Locally Managed Enhancements

  • IMAPs email inspection
  • POP3s email inspection
  • Automatic Device recognition and discovery
  • Multicore VPN and VPN acceleration
  • Secured syslog
  • Additional ciphers support for HTTPS Inspection (see sk104562)

Networking Enhancements

  • Link aggregation (bonding) on LAN and WAN
  • Managing Bond with Cluster
  • Supporting VLAN on Switch
  • Alias IP
  • Support for up to 100 VLANs
  • Improved link monitoring
  • Cluster Fast failover with dynamic routing


Refer to sk170534 - R80.20.20 for Small and Medium Business Appliances


User Guides
See the Release Notes (1600, 1800) for your version
See the Locally Managed Administration Guide (1600, 1800) for your version
See the Centrally Managed Administration Guide (1600, 1800) for your version
See the CLI Guide (1600, 1800) for your version
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Known Limitations

For Known Limitations, refer to:

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