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Policy verification fails with Access Role and "Redirect to Captive Portal" action Technical Level
  • Access Role in source/destination column with "Redirect to Captive Portal" as an action on the Accept column causes policy verification to fail, but policy installation finishes successfully.

  • FWM debug for verification shows that the role is marked as an "identity_role":
    [FWM PID...]@Host[DATE TIME] objectFromUid: fwset%gt;this = 0xdf538e40, count = 3<
    :AdminInfo (
    :chkpf_uid ("{04E6A97D-65EF-44A9-90F4-9E487BE71370}")
    :ClassName (identity_role)
    :global_level (0)
    :table (identity_roles)
    :LastModified (
    :Time ("Sun Jun 7 04:09:56 2020")
    :last_modified_utc (1591499396)
    :By (System)
    :From (localhost)
    :name (TestAD)
    :type (identity_role)

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