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Log indexing is delayed after an upgrade to R80.40 Technical Level
  • Logs under Logs and Monitor tab are listed with a delay after an upgrade to R80.40.

  • Following errors are present in log_indexer.elg:
    [DATE TIME] CMappedBinaryFile::error opening file /opt/CPsuite-R80.40/fw1/log/vsec_migration_hook.log
    [DATE TIME] CLogFile::Open2: error: open (/opt/CPsuite-R80.40/fw1/log/vsec_migration_hook.log) for reading failed
    [DATE TIME] CpLogReader::Open: failed to open /opt/CPsuite-R80.40/fw1/log/vsec_migration_hook.log
    [DATE TIME] Files read rate [adtlog] : Current=0 Avg=0 MinAvg=0 Total=84 buffers (0/0/18/0)

  • Log process is running and there are no core files that indicate a recent crash.


log indexer is attempting to index an invalid file - "vsec_migration_hook.log" and "pg_gaia_dump.log" since the file type (.log) corresponds to a valid log file format, e.g: $FWDIR/log/YYYY-MM-DD_000000.log.

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