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Traffic is not forwarded to the standby member Technical Level
  • Traffic does not arrive to the standby member
  • Running traffic captures we can see that the packets leave the Standby return to the Active, but never forwarded to the Standby member
  • fw ctl zdebug drop does not show any drops
  • fw ctl zdebug -m cluster correction shows the following:
    fwha_ccl_forward: doing simple correction to member 1 via interface Interface_Name (Interface_ID);
    fwha_ccl_set_macs: fwha_ether_addrs[1][Interface_ID] is zero;
    fwha_ccl_inbound: Failed to correct  Client_IP(Client_port) IPP IP_protocol> to member=1;
The interface which supposed to receive the traffic has an IP address configured on the physical interface while having Vlans configured on it as well.

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