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Messages file is flooded with: "idapi_load_data_impl: session id xxxxxxxx not found in client_db, although ip was assigned to it" Technical Level
  • /var/log/messages file is flooded with logs:
    "idapi_load_data_impl: session id <Session ID> not found in client_db, although ip <Session IP> was assigned to it"

  • Issue is present on Security Gateways with Access Roles in policy.

  • Checking pep_client_db and pep_src_mapping_db using the command: 'fw -i <INSTANCE> tab -t pep_client_db -t pep_src_mapping_db -s' shows that they are in different Kernel instances.

  • relevant only for ClusterXL in HA mode

Root cause can be one of the following scenarios:

Senario 1:
PEP kernel tables are not aligned - mismatch between pep_client_db and pep_src_mapping_db
 Can be checked with the following command:
#fw tab -t pep_client_db -t pep_src_mapping_db -s

For example an output which demonstrate the issue:
localhost             pep_client_db                            279     50     200       0
localhost             pep_src_mapping_db                282     100     200      0

Scenario 2:
PEP kernel tables are not aligned - mismatch between pep_client_db or pep_src_mapping_db on different instances in comparison to instance '0' 
To verify if pep_client_db values and pep_src_mapping_db values are different in at least one of the Kernel instances with the following command:
Expert#fw ctl multik stat | awk '{print $1}' | grep -v "-" | grep -v ID | awk '{print "fw -i " $0 " tab -t pep_client_db -t pep_src_mapping_db -s"}' | sh

output should look like this:
HOST                  NAME                                              ID #VALS #PEAK #SLINKS
localhost             pep_client_db                             279     500     603       0
localhost             pep_src_mapping_db                282     500     603       0
HOST                  NAME                                              ID #VALS #PEAK #SLINKS
localhost             pep_client_db                             279     600     705      0
localhost             pep_src_mapping_db                282     600     705      0
HOST                  NAME                                              ID #VALS #PEAK #SLINKS
localhost             pep_client_db                             279     600     705       0
localhost             pep_src_mapping_db                282     600     705       0

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