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High CPU after upgrade from R77.x to R80.x when running only Firewall and Monitoring blades Technical Level
  • High CPU (SI%) seen after an upgrade to R80.x (that was not present in R77.x).
  • A higher percentage of traffic is hitting PXL (SecureXL medium path), although IPS is not enabled.
  • All traffic on port 443 is not accelerated.
  • FastAccel on the traffic on port 443 resolves the issue.

When only Firewall and Monitoring blades are enabled, the TLS parser (which parses the TLS content) is enabled by default. This forces all SSL traffic to flow over the SecureXL Medium Path. Traffic going through PXL causes high CPU on fw_worker processes. This high CPU introduces latency and traffic impact, depending on how much traffic over port 443 is seen on the Gateway / Cluster.

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