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VPN traffic randomly fails even though encrypted and decrypted traffic appears in logs and debugs Technical Level
  • VPN traffic randomly fails even though encrypting and decrypting of traffic is seen in logs and debugs.
  • Turning SecureXL off resolves the issue. Even if SecureXL is toggled off and then, on the issue is corrected.
  • Issue can possibly be replicated by a fail over event.
  • In kernel debugs the following is seen;
    [kern];[tid_0];[SIM-206126631];ip_route_output_key_ng: Can't find route, ip_route_me_harder() failed. saddr=0 daddr=a31e8da6 tos=0 oif=0;
    [kern];[tid_0];[SIM-206126631];get_routing_info: ip_route_output_lookup failed src:0 dst:a31e8da6 vsid:2;
    [kern];[tid_0];[SIM-206126631];do_enc_routing: SIMROUTE_LOOKUP_ERROR, rc(3) is converted to SIMPKT_IN_DROP;
Routing failure within SecureXL in VSX/VSLS environments.

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