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Check Point 1570R Ruggedized Appliances Technical Level

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction to 1570R Appliances
  • 1570R Key Features - Hardware
  • Overview of 1500 Series Security Gateways
  • 1570R Powering Options
  • 1570R Installation Options
  • Performance / Radio Frequency and Bands for 1570R Appliances
  • Downloads for 1570R Appliances
  • Known Limitations for 1570R Appliances
  • Documentation for 1570R Appliances
Important Note: To see the latest firmware release, refer to sk97766.

Introduction to 1570R Appliances

The Check Point 1570R (see datasheet) is the rugged member of the 1500 Security Appliance family that delivers enterprise-grade security in a series of simple and affordable, all-in-one security Gateways. These security appliances include a comprehensive security suite and the latest R80 software for SMB appliances.

The Check Point 1570R Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) secures Critical Infrastructure and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) without impacting operations. Our NGFWs identify and secure over 70 standard and proprietary SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and ICS protocols. This includes the most popular protocols used in Utilities and Energy sectors, Manufacturing sectors, Building Management Systems and IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

The solid-state design of the 1570R Rugged operates in temperatures ranging from minus 40° C to 75° C, making it ideal for securing any industrial application: power and manufacturing plants, oil and gas facilities, maritime fleets, building management systems, and more.

Connect your field devices to the 1570R via serial RS232/RS422/R485, wired or Wi-Fi, and in turn connect your 1570R to OT management networks via 1 GbE copper or fiber or a highly available dual SIM LTE modem. The Check Point NGFW in the 1570R ensures that the connection is secure.

The 1570R is certified for the industrial specifications IEEE 1613 and IEC 61850-3 for heat, vibration, and immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI). In addition, the 1570R is certified for maritime operation per IEC-60945 and IACS E10 and complies with DNV-GL-CG-0339.

The 1570R mounts on walls or on DIN rails from the back or bottom. Connecting redundant power supplies is supported, ensuring continuous operation in case one power source fails. For added redundancy, two 1570R firewalls can be deployed in a High Availability cluster. Dual SIM LTE modem ensures that the 1570R stays connected to operational management networks.

1570R Key Features - Hardware

  • Fanless, Aluminum-based design
  • Wired and WiFi + LTE 
  •  Connectivity 
    • LAN: 8x1GbE
    • WAN: 1x1GbE / SFP port
    • DMZ:  1x1GbE / SFP port
    • Supports Flexiport (LAN port can operate as WAN)
  • Embedded CAT6 3/4G/LTE cellular modem
    • Worldwide LTE coverage with just two product variants: one for North America and EMEA, and one for Asia-Pacific
    • Two external antennas (Main and Diversity) to allow the best RF signal and coverage
    • Dual SIM (Nano and Micro) functionality is supported to enable automatic fail over between SIMs
  • Embedded 3x3 WiFi modem, Dual band non-concurrent 802.11n/ac
  • Serial port (DB9 female connector), supports serial protocols RS232, RS422, R485 (SW-configurable) for end point PLC control.
  • Two power sources
    • Power adapter (12V, 40W Commercial grade and 120W Industrial -40 to 70 degree C grade)
      • These power adapters are sold separately and are not part of the 1570R box.
    • 3-Pin terminal block, 12V-72VDC and -48VDC, supplied by the customer’s power infrastructure
    • Power redundancy (when the two above are connected) 
  • Desktop, Wall mount and DIN rail (2 types of assembly - rear and bottom)
  • USB Type-C console port
  • USB 3.0 Port
  • SD Card support
  • ICS/SCADA Protocol Support
    • BACNet, CIP, DNP3, IEC-60870-5-104, IEC 60870-6 (ICCP), IEC 61850, MMS, ModBus, OPC DA & UA, Profinet, Step7 (Siemens) and more; 1400+ in all. See the full list at
  • Wi-Fi Cryptography: supports WPA (TKIP 128 bit) and WPA2 (AES, 128/256 bit)
  • 3/4G/LTE Cryptography: supports NAS/AS security procedures and Snow 3G/AES/ZUC security
  • Certified to operate in harsh conditions
    • Industrial: IEEE 1613 , IEC 61850-3 , IEC 60945, EN/IEC 60529, heat and immunity to electromagnetic interference
    • Rugged: EN/IEC 60529 , IEC 60068-2-27 shock, IEC 60068-2-6 vibration
    • Maritime (on-going certification process): IEC-60945 B, IACS E10:1991 , DNV-GL 2.4 , DNV-GL-CG-0339, IEC 61162-460
    • Operating Temperature Range: -40ºC ~ 75ºC (-40ºF ~ 167ºF)
    • IP (Ingress Protection) Rating: IP30

Overview of 1500 Series Security Gateways

The Check Point 1570R is the rugged member of the 1500 Security Appliance family, which offer high performance, integrated devices offering Firewall, VPN, Anti-Virus, Application Control, URL Filtering, Email Security, and SandBlast Zero-Day Protection, all in compact form factors that are simple to configure and manage.

Check Point's 1570R Security Gateway is available in Wired, and WiFi+LTE flavors.

1500 Security Gateways offer integrated, multi-layered security in a compact desktop form factor. Setup can be done in minutes using pre-defined security policies and our step-by-step configuration wizard. 1500 Security Gateways are conveniently manageable locally via a Web interface, centrally by the Check Point Security Management Portal (vSMP), or centrally by Check Point's central management systems: SmartConsole, MDM, LSM, Maas.

Comprehensive Protection 

  • Next Generation Firewall
  • Site-to-Site VPN
  • Remote Access VPN
  • Application Control and Web Filtering
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Bot
  • Anti-Spam
  • SandBlast Threat Emulation (sandboxing)
  • Device Recognition
  • Email Inspection

1570R Powering Options

When you order the 1570R, you must choose one of these power supplies: DC power (no external PSU), AC industrial, or AC commercial. 

The 1570R supports two power inputs:

1. External power adapter (AC2DC 12VDC, C14 inlet, as DC-Source) delivered by Check Point separately:
  • CPAC-1570R-PSU-STD, 40W commercial 0 - 40 degree C or
  • CPAC-1570R-PSU-IND, 120W Industrial grade -40 to 70 degree C
2. 3-pin terminal block connector, connected to the customer's infrastructure power source, with the following:
  • Nominal 12 to 60VDC, -48VDC, as DC Mains
  • Tolerance: -15% for 12VDC and +20% for 60VDC
  • Maximum Range 10.2 to 72VDC
3. Maximal current and power rating (both power inputs):
  • 1570R - 2.1A, 25.1W
  • 1570WLR - 2.3A, 30.7W
Note: The mating connector is included in the 1570R box. The terminal block is suitable for 14 AWG (6A). The torque value is 5 lb-in.

4. Redundancy: the 1570R supports power redundancy while connecting both power inputs. If one fails, the other source takes over.

1570R Installation Options

The 1570R supports the following installation options:

1. Desktop:
  1. Assemble the 4 rubber fit included in the box. 
2. Wall-mount:
  1. Use the 2 screws and anchors included in the box.
  2. Use the sticker included in the box.
3. DIN Rail

a. There are two installation options. The box includes the DIN rail adapter and 4 screws. The adapter supports shock tests IEC 61850-3, severity "Class 0".
      • Rear side (left image)
      • Bottom side (right image)

b. Currently, the 1590WLR supports only the bottom side option. If you must support the rear side, a middle-part adapter is required and delivered as a FRU (SKU: CPAC-1570R-DIN-EXT) 

4. Wall mount bracket to support shock tests IEC 60068-2-27, severity level 5g/ 6ms (will be released soon).

The following table presents the dimensions of the 1570R with the DIN adapter of the Wired and Wireless options:

Flavor Height (mm) Width
Depth (mm) Notes
1570R Wired 90 150 150 Without rubber feet
1570R with rear DIN adapter 90 150 168
1570R with bottom DIN adapter 108 150 150
1570WLE with rear DIN adapter Wireless 177 150 225 Including the LTE and WiFi antennas. For that setup a middle-part adapter is required between the DIN adapter and 1570R 
1570WLE with bottom DIN adapter 195 150 225  Including the LTE and WiFi antennas 

Performance / Radio Frequency and Bands for 1570R Appliances

Cellular carriers certification in USA

These main carriers in the Unites States require a special certification process: Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile (Sprint). Customers cannot use those networks with the 1570R until it is fully certified. Certification is on-going and will be published once done.

Performance Table

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Enterprise Testing Conditions
Threat Prevention Mbps 400
Next Generation Firewall (Mbps) 700
IPS Throughput (Mbps) 770
Firewall Throughput (Mbps) 1,900
RFC 3511, 2544, 2647, 1242 Performance (LAB)
Firewall 1518 Byte UDP Packets (Mbps) 4,000
VPN AES-128 Throughput (Mbps) 1,100
Connections per Second 13,500
Concurrent Connections 500,000

4G Radio frequency and bands

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Region/Country Frequency (MHz) Band
APAC and Australia 2100 1
1800 3
850 5
2600 7
900 8
700 28
EMEA 2100 1
1800 3
2600 7
900 8
800 20
North America  1900 2
1700 4
850 5
700 12
700 13
700 17
1900 25
850 26
700 29 only Rx
Canada 1900 2
1700 4
850 5
2600 7
700 12
700 17
700 29 only Rx

3G Radio frequency and bands

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Region/Country Band Tx Frequency (MHz) Rx Frequency (MHz)
APAC and Australia 1 1920–1980 2110–2170
5 824–849 869–894
8 880–915 925–960
EMEA 1 1920–1980 2110–2170
3 1710–1785 1805–1880
8 880–915 925–960
North America 2 1850–1910 1930–1990
4 1710–1755 2110–2155
5 824–849 869–894
Canada 2 1850–1910 1930–1990
4 1710–1755 2110–2155
5 824–849 869–894

Downloads for 1570R Appliances

Known Limitations for 1570R Appliances

For Known Limitations, refer to sk159173: R80.20 for 1500, 1600 and 1800 Appliances Features and Limitations.

Documentation for 1570R Appliances

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