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Quantum Gateways Solutions Technical Level

Check Point Software Extends Infinity Architecture with Full Range of Quantum Security Gateways™, Delivering Uncompromised Enterprise Security

Businesses around the world are required to address three critical security needs for the success of any enterprise network today:
  • Security that stops the most sophisticated cyber attacks
  • Handling any type of growth on demand
  • Consolidating into unified security and management

To address these needs, we recently launched our new Quantum Security Gateways, delivering uncompromised security. Quantum is extending the Infinity architecture with 15 new gateway models. All of them include the highest level of security by including the Sandblast Network Zero-day as a standard out-of-box. As part of Infinity it enables the user of over 60 security and threat prevention services to prevent the most sophisticated attacks.

Not only is this a first for Check Point, but this is an outstanding differentiator for us in the market. With our new product lineup - ranging from the branch office to the data center – our Quantum series is truly where the best security meets the ultimate hardware.

All Quantum Gateways are an integral part of the Infinity architecture. Highlights include:

  • Bundled with SandBlast Network Zero-day Protection, with more than 60 security services dedicated to threat prevention
  • Highly scalable with up to 1.5 Tera-bps of threat prevention
  • Zero-touch access to Threat Prevention capabilities when installing a new gateway


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Quantum Solutions Information

Data Center Solution

Protecting the modern data center against GenV attacks requires high performance scalable security gateways that go beyond the NGFW to deliver the best threat prevention performance, and support the migration of workloads to the cloud. Check Point 26000 and 28000 Quantum Security Gateways ™ include award-winning SandBlast Network threat prevention, telco-grade reliability, HyperScale threat prevention performance up to 1.5 Tera bps, and Infinity support for the hybrid cloud.

For ultimate Data Center security and scalability, the 26000 and 28000 models deliver 60 security services with telco-grade performance including 30 Gbps of Threat Prevention with HyperScale expansion up to 1.5 Tera bps. Telco-grade hardware reliability and expandability includes 100% SSDs, the highest port density, modular expansion up to 16 x 100 GbE, green friendly 2.5x power efficiency and unified policy management across the Data Center and the hybrid cloud.

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Large Enterprise Solution

With powerful zero-day prevention out-of-the-box, the 7000 and 16000 deliver up to 15 Gbps of threat prevention performance, HyperScale expansion up to 750 Gbps, and the latest CPUs for accelerated SSL inspection. Cloud-level resiliency and expansion is provided through 100% SSDs, 2 power supplies for redundancy, and up to 8 x 100 GbE connectivity.

Protecting large enterprises from GenV cyber-attacks requires a scalable and unified security architecture. Check Point 7000 and 16000 Quantum Security Gateways ™ with SandBlast Network go beyond the Next Generation Firewall with 60 security services that provide the best protection against GenV attacks. Based on Infinity, they include the ultimate hardware to deliver 15 Gbps of Threat Prevention performance, HyperScale expansion to 750 Gbps, accelerated SSL inspection, and cloud-level expansion.

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Midsize Enterprises Solution

With zero-day prevention out-of-the-box, the Quantum 6000 family protects against GenV attacks with up to 7.6 Gbps threat prevention. With Maestro HyperScale, threat prevention can be expanded up to 380 Gbps in just a few minutes. Cloud-level resiliency is provided with 100% SSDs and redundant power supplies. 2 x 40 GbE connectivity is provided for rapidly growing networks. Unified management provides flexibility through both the on premise SmartConsole or SmartCloud security cloud services.

Protecting midsize businesses with up to 5000 employees, requires a scalable security solution that expands protections against GenV cyber-attacks while the business grows. The Quantum Security Gateway ™ 6000 series quickly expands SandBlast Network threat prevention performance starting with up to 7.6 Gbps with HyperScale expansion up to 380 Gbps. Leveraging Infinity unified management, businesses can reduce security operations up to 80%.

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Branch Office Solution

With powerful zero-day prevention out-of-the-box in a compact desktop form factor, the 3600 and 3800 models deliver threat prevention performance up to 1.5 Gbps. All models include high performance CPUs, enterprise-grade SSDs, redundancy through dual power supplies, and Infinity unified management support for both on premise and cloud delivered security services.

Branch offices need protection against GenV attacks and the flexibility to securely connect to local internet providers. Protecting branch offices requires the Infinity architecture with unified management for on premise and cloud-delivered security services. The Quantum 3600 and 3800 Security Gateways deliver up to 1.5 Gbps Threat Prevention performance against GenV attacks with unified management through the on premise SmartConsole or SmartCloud security management cloud services.

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