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Quantum Edge Known Limitations - R80.20.x Technical Level
This article lists all Known Limitations for Quantum Edge.

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Important Notes

  • All limitations for R80.20 Quantum Spark also apply to Quantum Edge. refer to sk159772
  • To get a fix for an issue listed below, Contact Check Point Support with the issue ID.
  • To see if an issue has been fixed in other releases, search for the issue ID in the Support Center.
  • For more information on Quantum Edge, refer to sk161272: Quantum Edge Home Page. You can also visit the Checkmates discussion forum to ask questions and get answers from technical peers and Support experts.
  • Embedded Gaia software inherits its code base from the R80.20 GA version of enterprise appliances. Therefore, although not specifically mentioned, the R80.20 Quantum edge Gateways inherit all R80.20 SMB and maintrain limitations.

Known Limitations

Platform ID Description
VeloCloud - Changes to the Security VNF while deployed in the VCO will result in a redeployment of the VNF.
- VNF configuration cannot be changed. 
SMB-9382 All created VNFs use the same MAC address. 

All limitations for Bridge Mode on R80.20.5 Quantum Spark also apply to Quantum Edge for VeloCloud. Refer to sk101371
ESXi Only vmxnet3 driver is supported
KVM Only virtio_net driver is supported
General SMB-9288 In rare scenarios, policy installation of Quantum Edge fails when using 1 GB RAM.
CGE-138 Running ethtool on internal interface shows “speed” and “duplex” as “Unknown”.
SmartLSM Profile does not support Quantum Edge as a hardware platform.
For Supported Blades please check the Related Solutions section in the Quantum Edge Home Page
This solution has been verified for the specific scenario, described by the combination of Product, Version and Symptoms. It may not work in other scenarios.

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