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'fw ctl affinity' and "sim affinity" commands showing wrong data Technical Level
  • 'fw ctl affinity' shows that several different interfaces have configured with the same IRQ number, although they have unique IRQ numbers according to /proc/interrupts file, for example:
    [Expert@gw-bf9b88:0]# fw ctl affinity -l -r -v
    CPU 0: fw_1
    CPU 1: eth0 (irq 83) eth0-01 (irq 83)
    All: fwd mpdaemon cprid cpd
  • When trying to change the affinity using "sim affinity" interfaces containing similar naming for ex: eth1 and eth1-1 will be assigned to the same CPU:
    [Expert@DR-GW1:0]# sim affinity -s
    Usage : For each interface enter one of the following:
    Return - To keep the default values (appearing in [ ])
    all - To allow all processors for this interface
    List of processors - A list of processor numbers between 0 and 3eth0 [0] : 0
    eth1 [2] : 1
    eth1-1 [2] : 2
    eth2 [3] : 3
    [Expert@DR-GW1:0]# sim affinity -l
    eth0 : 0
    eth1 : 2
    eth1-1 : 2
    eth2 : 3

Multiple interfaces are located on the same adapter, and each one of them is set with similar names and unique attributes, such as - IRQ numbers.  

Physical interfaces naming convention description:
Physical interfaces are automatically assigned names based on the slot where the network adapter is installed.

They are identified by ''eth'' name, the slot number of the adapter and port number on the adapter (if multi-port adapter).
Common physical configuration, when the slot has one port. Interface name: eth<slot_number> Rare physical configuration, when slot has multiple ports. Interface name: eth<slot_number>-<port_number>

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