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Management API "show gateways-and-servers details-level full" does not show policy installation information Technical Level
  • The output of these API queries does not contain information about policy installation (Access Control and Threat Prevention), specifically installation date and policy name:

    mgmt_cli -r true -d [<IP Address of Domain>] login enter-last-published-session true > /var/tmp/sid.txt

    mgmt_cli -s /var/tmp/sid.txt show gateways-and-servers details-level full

  • The output of this API query contains the information about policy installation:

    mgmt_cli -r true -d [<IP Address of Domain>] show gateways-and-servers details-level full

  • This issue might also occur when running these API calls using other API tools (Web Services, SmartConsole CLI, Gaia CLI).


By design, when you enter the last published session with the Management API, the output does not show these details:

  • Access Policy Installed (Boolean)
  • Access Policy Name (String)
  • Access Policy Installation Date (Object)
  • Threat Policy Installed (Boolean)
  • Threat Policy Name (String)
  • Threat Policy Installation Date (Object)

Note - Depending on the number of configured Security Gateway objects, the total amount of returned data might exceed the API limit.


To get these details about policies, do not use the "enter-last-published-session" parameter in the Management API.

For more information, see the Management API Reference.

This solution has been verified for the specific scenario, described by the combination of Product, Version and Symptoms. It may not work in other scenarios.

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