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Smart-1 Cloud Release Updates Technical Level
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Availability | Installation | List of resolved issues | Revision History



This article lists all released automatic updates for Smart-1 Cloud. 

The latest updates will be installed automatically on all relevant Check Point machines, if the user choses to allow the  Automatic updates download per sk94508.



Release Version Update Take Release Date Package Download
R80.40 and higher 1 Take 31 01 March 2021 (TAR)
R80.10 - R80.30 Take 53 (TAR)




Install a new package manually

  1. Download the relevant package according to the version of the Security Gateway / Cluster Member
  2. Copy the file to the Security Gateway / Cluster Member
  3. Execute the following command:
    • autoupdatercli install <full path to tar file>

Check which version is currently installed on the Security Gateway?

  1. Connect to the Security Gateway / Cluster Member via SSH
  2. Execute the following command:
    • autoupdatercli show
  3.  Search for maas
  4. See 'package-version' where 'package-installed' holds 'true' value.


show darwin pkg example


List of Resolved issues and New Features per Smart-1 Cloud Update

ID Description
Update 1 (1 March 2021)
  • Preserve token during Gateway's version upgrade
  • SIC Certificate auto-renewal
  • Configurable timeout of our tunnel (in case of latency)
  • Proxy code limitation fixes


Revision History

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Date Description
01 Mar 2021 First release of this document - Update 1 


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