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Check Point Response to CVE-2020-8597 (PPP buffer overflow vulnerability) Technical Level
  • A buffer overflow flaw was found in the ppp package. Data confidentiality and integrity, as well as system availability, are all at risk with this vulnerability. (CVE-2020-8597)
The bounds check for the rhostname was improperly constructed in the EAP request and response functions, which could allow a buffer overflow to occur.

Configuring to connect to a malicious server can expose the system to this vulnerability.

This problem was fixed.

For Gaia OS, the fix is included in:

For Gaia Embedded, this problem was fixed for the 1500 appliance. This fix is included in:

For other appliances and versions:

Applies To:
  • PMTR-50836 , SMB-11853 , PRJ-10805 , PRJ-10197

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