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How to install AutoUpdater Technical Level


AutoUpdater is a Check Point process responsible for automatic updates.
The latest updates are installed automatically on all relevant Check Point devices if the user allows the Automatic updates download per sk94508

To see what version of AutoUpdater was installed automatically, run:
# cpinfo -y all 2>/dev/null | grep BUNDLE_INFRA_AUTOUPDATE | awk -F: '{print $2}'

For users who do not allow automatic updates, the AutoUpdater can be installed as described below.

Installation Instructions

Note: when installing manually, the build of AutoUpdater is updated while cpinfo is not.
  1. Install Deployment Installer rpm (from 26 Apr 2021):
    1. Download the Deployment Installer rpm package and place it on your device.
    2. Run the following command:
      • rpm -Uhv --force <path to Deployment Installer rpm>

  2. Install AutoUpdater rpm (from 14 Jun 2021):
    1. Download the latest AutoUpdater rpm package and place it on your device.
    2. Run these commands:
      • rpm -Uhv --force <path to AutoUpdater rpm>
      • autoupdatercli stop

        Note: If "AutoUpdater going down" is not printed to the screen, run:

    Note: The installation does not require cpstop;cpstart or a reboot. Once installed, no further action is required, the update will be applied immediately.

    Updated Products

    Product sk #
    Autonomous Threat Prevention Management integration sk167109
    Threat Extraction Engine sk165832
    CloudGuard Network Metered License sk173143
    CME (Cloud Management Extension) for CloudGuard sk157492
    Mobile Access Portal Clients Release sk168353
    HealthCheck Point (HCP)  sk171436
    Smart-1 Cloud Release  sk166056

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