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Policy installation failure after MDS upgrade or backup restore Technical Level
  • Policy installation fails after MDS upgrade or MDS backup restore with error in /opt/CPmds-R80.30/customers/***/CPsuite-R80.30/fw1/bin/fw_loader': double free or corruption

  • An fw_loader usermode core file is generated each time the policy installation failed "/var/log/dump/usermode/fw_loader_."

  • Fw_loader debug shows the following error:
    registry_root_flush: Error opening tmp registry file [/opt/CPmds-R80.30/customers/Domain-name/CPshrd-R80.30/registry/] for writing: Permission denied
During mds_backup we lock the registry files of MDS and Domains/CMAs with the below lines and at the end we release the lock with -i flag:

$CHATTR +i -R $MDS_CPDIR/registry/
$CHATTR +i R $MDSDIR/customers/*/CPshrd$VERSION_STRING/registry/

If the script fails (due to lack of disk space for example), the locks aren't released which resulted with critical issues such as policy installation failure while trying to access the registry.

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