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CloudGuard Edge for Citrix SD-Wan Technical Level


This article describes how to configure and deploy CloudGuard Edge on the Citrix SD-WAN platform. Citrix SD-WAN provides a secure SD-WAN solution that optimizes application traffic to deliver the best performance for SaaS, cloud applications, and virtual apps & desktops in the data center and at branch offices. Citrix SD-WAN is the software-defined wide area network (WAN) that delivers what a traditional MPLS solution cannot.


  1. Central Management requires:
    1. Security Management Server R80.30+ or
    2. Multi-Domain Security Management Server R80.30+ or
    3. Security Management Portal(SMP) or
    4. Quantum Smart-1 Cloud
      • R80.20.05 or higher image version required
  2. Local Management:
    1. Local management mode of CloudGuard Edge is supported. However, Enterprise customers generally require the scalability of Central Management solutions.
  3. CloudGuard Edge R80.20.15 image download
  4. Citrix requires:
    1. Citrix SD-WAN 11.3.1
    2. Supported Citrix appliances and core networking configured. Contact Citrix for more information.
  5. Supported deployment: Bridge Mode only (Layer 2)

Deployment Procedure

Click here for the most up-to-date Citrix SD-WAN 11.3.1 deployment guide:  CloudGuard Edge integration on Citrix SD-WAN

In-Place Upgrade

In-Place Upgrade from R80.20.x to R80.20.15

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Applies To:
  • SDwan
  • Citrix
  • Edge

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