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R80.40 SmartConsole Releases Technical Level
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R80.40 SmartConsole releases accumulate GUI client fixes for R80.40.

The below list describes each resolved issue and provides the Build number, in which the fix was included. All resolved issues are included in the Incremental SmartConsole Build starting from the Build number listed in this table (inclusive). In addition, you can find the date when the Build was published.

Unless stated otherwise, every R80.40 SmartConsole Build in this article including R80.40 GA SmartConsole build can be used as a GUI client for each R80.40 Jumbo Hotfix Take and for R80.40 General Availability.

The Incremental SmartConsole Builds table and this article are periodically updated.


  • General Availability Build

    Build Date SmartConsole package
    396 10 May 2020 (EXE)

    For R80.40 Portable SmartConsole, refer to sk116158.

    Note: Starting from Build 396, all R80.40 SmartConsole Builds are aligned to be higher than R80.40 SmartConsole GA Build 394 released on Jan 28th 2020.

List of Resolved issues per Build

ID Description
SmartConsole - General Availability Build 396 (10 May 2020)
PRJ-11012 NEW: Added support for Check Point 3800, 6400, 6700, 7000, 16200, 16600HS and 28000 appliances. Refer to sk110052, sk139932 and sk152733.
  • Requires R80.40 Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator Take 45 (or higher).
SmartConsole - General Availability Build 40 (26 April 2020)
NEW: Added section in SmartConsole.exe.config that allows defining the per-server custom connection ports for FWM and CPM
NEW: Added a list item count inside the User Group, Network Group and Service Group editors. The item count supports only one level of nesting. If a group includes another group, only one object is counted (users, network and services from the nested group are not counted).
In some scenarios, it is not possible to enable the Threat Emulation blade for a Security gateway.
In some scenarios, SmartConsole might unexpectedly terminate when trying to update statuses of the Compliance Best Practices and generating new alerts.
In a rare scenario, SmartConsole might unexpectedly terminate after stopping the SmartConsole diagnostics service.
A certificate in the Certificate column of the HTTPS Inspection Policy cannot be removed by selecting it and hitting the delete key on the keyboard. The number of changes made in the session increments by one but the certificate remains in the column. 
After overriding the logging or the Packet Capture option for an IPS protection, the protection might be shown as disabled. This is only a display issue.
SmartConsole - General Availability Build 19 (16 March 2020)
PRJ-9509 In a rare scenario, SmartConsole might unexpectedly terminate when closing a window of Revert to Revision, Central Deployment, Infinity Threat Prevention or a window hosting an extension (like Changes Report).
In a rare scenario, SmartConsole might unexpectedly terminate when scrolling in the rulebase or navigating to a rule.
In some scenarios, the Menu option to view or edit cluster member object on Multi-Domain's gateways view does not show the correct data.
The shared secret's edit button might be grayed out.
PRJ-10167 While in Multi-Session mode, SmartConsole might not display the "Recent Sessions" menu.
In high latency environments, hovering over the Access Policy to view a tooltip may cause the user interface to freeze for a few seconds.
After selecting a rule with an inline layer and then selecting a "simple" rule, the action might be missing from the rule summary.


Installation instructions


  • Show / Hide instructions for Manual SmartConsole clients installation

    Note: uninstall prior SmartConsole clients Build before installing the new one.
    • To install the SmartConsole clients on Windows platforms:

      1. Download the SmartConsole application build package from the table above.

      2. Run the SmartConsole executable.

      3. Continue with the instructions on the screen.

    To install SmartConsole silently, perform:

    1. Download the SmartConsole application package from the table above and extract it into temporary folder, for example C:\TEMP-SC

    2. Go to this temporary folder: cd C:\TEMP-SC

    3. For silent installation, run: C:\TEMP-SC\SmartConsole.exe /s
      Note: SmartConsole will be installed into its default location.

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Revision History

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Date Description
10 May 2020 Released SmartConsole Build 396
26 Apr 2020 Released SmartConsole Build 40
16 Mar 2020 First release of this document - R80.40 SmartConsole Build 19

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