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Policy installation failed with "Internal error" Technical Level
  • Policy installation fails with "Internal error".

  • The cpm.elg file shows:

    DATE TIME,PID WARN dlecommon.ngm_api.CpmiUtils [taskExecutor-4]: CPMI class CpmiFile does not have a table name.'
    DATE TIME,PID INFO coresvc.internal.AutoPolicyInstallerSvcImpl [taskExecutor-18]: Got PolicyInstallationsProgressNotification{progressType=NOTIFICATION, inProgressTaskId=d7d2edff-4e55-4601-aa5d-f5fe37253919, currentTaskProgressPercentage=40, status=INPROGRESS, localDomainId=41e821a0-3720-11e3-aa6e-0800200c9fde, installPolicyResponse=null}
    DATE TIME,PID ERROR dlecommon.ngm_api.CpmiUtils [taskExecutor-4]: No uid found for object of type
    DATE TIME,PID WARN INACTIVE_TRANSACTIONS [taskExecutor-4]: Transaction is ended with no actual database access. see /opt/CPsuite-R80/fw1/log/inactive-tx.elg for details
    DATE TIME,PID ERROR utils.runtime.CpAssert$DefaultAssertionErrorHandler [taskExecutor-21]: AssertionError has been caught: Environment args set cannot be null
    DATE TIME,PID ERROR infrastructure.logging.DefaultExceptionLoggerHandlerImpl [taskExecutor-21]: incident
    com.checkpoint.infrastructure.utils.runtime.CpAssertionError: Environment args set cannot be null
Incorrect version of Security gateway is configured in SmartConsole.
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