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SHA1 mismatch when using CPUSE or updating Threat Emulation Technical Level
  • Threat Emulation fails to update. the file te_file_downloader.elg shows:
    [ERROR] correct_sha1: SHA1 mismatch for file /var/log/files_repository/Archive_Tool/<UID>/<Version>/<Package>.tar.gz - Expected: <CORRECT SHA1> Calculated: <INCORRECT SHA1>
  • When downloading packages via CPUSE an error appears: "SHA1 mis-matches"

Like all vendors that provide static files, CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) are used to distribute these files around the world. When users request these files they are directed to the closest available CDN. This provides the benefit of fast download speeds of this static content and also prevent accidental DDoS during peek periods.

When performing a Threat Emulation Update or downloading an update via CPUSE some times the traffic is re-directed to a CDN that could provide faulty files.

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