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Central Deployment Tool (CDT) candidates list shows 'invalid' state for cluster in Bridge Mode Technical Level
  • CDT candidates list shows both cluster members in bridge mode as 'invalid' in the State column.

  • CDT log file for cluster /var/log/CPcdt/logs_/_log.elg shows similar entries:
    [DATE TIME] *D*: illegal cluster member state.
    [DATE TIME] *D*: Finished fetching data of cluster member.
    [DATE TIME] *D*: ID: 1 Local: 0 IP: State: invalid
    [DATE TIME] *D*: ID: 2 Local: 1 IP: State: invalid
    [DATE TIME] *D*: State of XL member: 0
    [DATE TIME] *D*: Cluster has 0 active/master members. Installation is not allowed.
    [DATE TIME] *D*: Finished generating entity for -Cluster. Batch number for -Cluster is -3

  • Output of 'cphaprob stat' command shows correct Active/Standby state.


The Bridge interfaces are in the Topology of the Cluster object in SmartConsole.

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