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Log Server receives gibberish from Log Exporter Technical Level
  • 3rd party Log Server that is the target for Log Exporter shows received logs without structure and contains a log of garbage information.

  • "cp_log_export show" output provides the following output:

    name: Log_Exporter_CMA1 domain-server: : CMA1
         enabled: true
         target-server: x.x.x.x
         target-port: x
         protocol: tcp
         format: splunk
         read-mode: Found

  • Relevant configuration file does not contain read-mode field /opt/CPmds-R80.20/customers/CMA1/CPrt-R80.20/log_exporter/targetstargetConfiguration.xml

  • The issue occurred after attempt to run 'cp_log_export reconf' to reconfigure Log Exporter after the upgrade.


A software limitation during reconfiguration lead to incorrect configuration file creation leading to read-mode field disappearance.

Issue was detected on R80.20 without any Jumbo hotfixes installed prior to reconfig.

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