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R80.20.01 for Small and Medium Business Appliances Technical Level

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  • What's New
  • Supported Appliances
  • Downloads
  • Enhancements
  • Resolved Issues
  • Known Limitations
  • Documentation
  • Revision History 
Important Note: This may not be the latest firmware release. To see the latest firmware release, refer to sk97766.

What's New

  • Support for 1530 appliances

Supported Appliances

The supported appliances are:

  • 1500 Series: 1530, 1550, and 1590 appliances.  


Important Note: Check the MD5 string before installing the downloaded file.

Important Note: To download these packages, you will need a Software Subscription or Active Support Plan.

Effective 16 January 2020: Build 992000899 for R80.20.01 image has been released for 1500 appliances.

Download Package 1500 Appliance
R80.20.01 Build 992000899 for 1500 Appliances
1500 Appliance package R80.20.01 Build 992000899 for R80 SmartUpdate     


ID Description
SMB-11352 Increase the maximum allowed length of special SIP requests from 4096 to 8192 bytes. Refer to sk164356
SMB-9393 Added ability to add a wireless network to a switch. Both the wireless network and the switch are assigned to a bridge.

Resolved Issues

ID Description
SMB-11150 In appliances running version R80.20.00 in locally-managed mode: When the user configures a server object with "Manually configure access policy to this server", manually-configured access policy rules with the server object as the destination are not enforced correctly.
SMB-10848 In locally managed mode, the Threat Emulation blade stops working properly after disabling and re-enabling the blade.
SMB-10873 In locally managed mode: After changing the action of the default Application Control rule to 'Ask', the user receives a system notification that an error occurred while applying the firewall.
SMB-11142 In locally managed mode, SSL Inspection performance is lower than expected. 
SMB-11420  In locally managed SMB appliances, you cannot configure an access policy rule with a download/upload limit.

Known Limitations

ID Description
SMB-11307 The Threat Emulation detect log does not display the "Interface" and "Resource" fields.

Workaround: "Interface" can be concluded from the Source IP. Most of the information about the "Resource" can be seen in the "Destination" and "File name" fields.

SMB-11641 Static routes and source based routing are fully supported, but service based routing does not work on all 1500 appliances. 
SMB-11423 Changing the Web and SSH admin access ports (4434 and 22, respectively) to customized values does not take effect.

Resolved In: R80.20.05 

Workaround: Add an incoming access rule to allow the customized ports.

SMB-11555 Before a license is applied to 1530 and 1570 appliances, the 1550 and 1590 appliance names appear in the First Time Configuration wizard and the WebUI. After the license is applied, the correct appliance names appear in the WebUI.


User Guides
Check Point 1500 Appliance Series Locally Managed R80.20.01 Administration Guide
Check Point 1500 Appliance Series Centrally Managed R80.20.01 Administration Guide
Check Point 1500 Appliance Series R80.20.01 CLI Guide
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Revision History

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Date Description
31 Dec 2019 First release of this document

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