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Check Point Learning and Training Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Technical Level

Exam Retirement Announcement
On October 31, 2022 we will retire the R80 CCTA and CCTE exams.

156-580 - Check Point Certified Troubleshooting Administrator (CCTA)
156-585 - Check Point Certified Troubleshooting Expert (CCTE)

On November 19, 2022 we will retire the following CCES exam:

156-530 - Check Point Certified Endpoint Specialist (CCES)

Certification Program Model FAQ

Core Certifications

Certified Security Administrator (CCSA)

This core 3-day technical certification course provides an understanding of basic concepts and skills necessary to configure and manage Check Point Security Gateways and Management Software Blades.
Exam #

Certified Security Expert (CCSE)

This advanced 3-day security engineering course provides an in-depth explanation of Check Point technology and an understanding of skills necessary to effectively design, maintain, optimize, and protect your enterprise network from aggressive cyber threats.
Exam  #


Security Master Certifications

Check Point Certified Security Master

The CCSM certification recognizes and validates technical mastery of the Check Point Infinity architecture. It is awarded to Cyber Security professionals with advanced knowledge and expertise in configuring, deploying, managing, and troubleshooting Check Point products and services.
Check Point Certified Security Master Elite

The CCSM Elite certification validates the highest achievement of technical mastery and consists of an elite club of Check Point Certified Security Masters.

Certification Path to Cyber Security Mastership

Check Point Certified Security Master
With Check Point’s path to Security Mastery, you will need to achieve 

2 Infinity Specialist Accreditations after the CCSE.

Check Point Certified Security Master Elite
To achieve Check Point’s Security Master Elite you will need to pass 
2 Infinity Specialist Accreditations after the CCSM.

Infinity Specialist Accreditations

Check Point’s Infinity Specialist Accreditations are designed to enable Security professionals to demonstrate that they understand the concepts and skills needed to administer, deploy and manage specific Security solutions within the Check Point Infinity Cyber Security Architecture.  Infinity Specialist Accreditations are also the building blocks to the Security Master and Security Master Elite certifications.

Accreditation Infinity Specialist Courses Exam #
CCAS Check Point Certified Automation Specialist 156-520
CCME Check Point Certified Maestro Expert 156-835
CCCS Check Point Certified Cloud Specialist 156-560
CCES Check Point Certified Endpoint Specialist 156-530
CCES Check Point Certified Harmony Endpoint Specialist 156-535
CCMS Check Point Certified Multi-Domain Security Management Specialist 156-540
CCVS Check Point Certified Virtual System Extension Specialist 156-550
CCTA Check Point Certified Troubleshooting Administrator 156-580
CCTA Check Point Certified Troubleshooting Administrator - R81 156-581
CCTE Check Point Certified Troubleshooting Expert 156-585
CCTE Check Point Certified Troubleshooting Expert - R81 156-586
CNSE-AWS Cloud Network Security Expert - AWS 156-565
CNSE-Azure Cloud Network Security Expert - Azure 156-566

Hacking Point Courses
CCPE – A AppSec for Developers 156-405
CCPE – C Cloud Security 156-406
CCPE – I Infrastructure Hacking  156-402
CCPE - IoT Hacking IoT 156-404
CCPE – W Web Hacking 156-403
CCPE – AW Advanced Web Hacking 156-408
CCPE – AI Advanced Infrastructure Hacking 156-409

Certification Extensions & Renewals

    • Pass an Infinity Specialist Accreditation (ISA) to extend a valid Core certification for 1-year.
    • The ISA must be achieved after a Core certification to qualify for the extension
    • A CCSA may be extended a maximum of two times by passing 2 different ISAs. (CCSA must be current, not expired)
    • A CCSE may be extended one time.  A second ISA will award the Accreditation and the CCSM Certification!  (The CCSE must be current, not expired)
    • A CCSM may be extended one time.  A second ISA will award the Accreditation and the CCSM Elite Certification!  (The CCSM must be current, not expired)
    • The CCSA or the CCSE exam may be retaken as a means to recertify.
    • If the CCSA or CCSE is retaken and passed before it expires, the certification will be renewed for 2 years from the previous expiration date.

      Certification Paths

Certification FAQ

This section lists many of the Frequently Asked Questions related to Check Point Certifications. This is a live document that may be updated without special notice.


General Inquiries


Certification Path FAQs


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What About the Benefits?


Tell Me About the Exams

      • In what order should I take the exams?
        Courses, certifications, and exams are all designed to build on the lessons learned and develop your skills and knowledge, so we recommend starting with CCSA and CCSE to get a core security foundation. From there you can choose the specialization or area of expertise that best matches your job role or career goals.
      • How much do the exams cost?
        Exams vary in price between US $150-$350, but exact pricing is available through Pearson VUE. Practice exams are $50.
      • What is the format of the exams?
        The exams are composed of multiple choice and scenario questions. All questions are “Select the BEST answer” type questions. There are no multiple response answers.
      • How long are the exams?
        The CCSA and CCSE exams are 100 questions and the Infinity Specialist Accreditation exams are 75 questions with both to be completed in 90 minutes in all English-speaking countries. Non-English speaking countries receive an additional 15 minutes.
      • How do I know I am ready for an exam?
        If you are preparing for the CCSA certification and want to take the 156-215.81 exam, you can determine if you are ready by taking the 156-605 R81 CCSA practice exam. If you are preparing to complete the CCSE certification and want to take the 156-315.81 exam, you can determine if you are ready by taking the 156-606 R81 CCSE practice exam.
        Both practice exams present 40 questions from a subset of the actual exam pool. Feedback is limited to providing the correct answer during the exam.
        Practice exams are $50.  
      • Are the Check Point certification exams adaptive?
        No. Check Point has no plans at this time to move into adaptive exams.
      • Should I have experience with Check Point products before attempting to pass an exam?
        Surveys of certified professionals suggest that a candidate have one to two years’ experience with the product in a production environment before attempting the CCSA certification. Since that is not practical in today’s environment, we recommend six months after training. A similar interval trended when studying the Engineering tasks of a certified CCSE professional.
        We recommend one year. 
      • Can I take the CCSA and CCSE exams on the same day?
        Yes, if you pass the CCSA exam, you may take the CCSE exam on that same day.
      • Does Check Point have an exam retake policy?
        Yes. If you fail an exam and want to retake it, you must wait 24 hours before the next attempt.  After the second attempt you will need to wait 30 days for the third attempt and any subsequent attempts.  
      • Does Check Point penalize incorrect answers?
        Check Point does not subtract points from your score for answering a question incorrectly. You will simply not get credit for that question. When taking one of our exams, answer as many questions as you can, even if you are not certain of your answer.

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